St John Rigby College, Wigan, Lancashire - Equality & Diversity Training 8th July 2011



18th July 2011

Dear Maureen,

I wish to thank you for your input into the College Equality & Diversity Training on Friday 8th July.

The feedback we have received has been outstanding and I personally and the College Leadership Team have been most appreciative of the time that you have given to both the preparations made and delivery on the day.

Thank you for the supporting documentation also.

Once again thank you for your outstanding contribution.

Yours Faithfully

Anne White, Director of Students.


Equality & Diversity Awareness - Open Course, Manchester - 26th January, 2010

“A superb day. Well executed and with humour. Adapted for us and made very easy to understand.”

Nick Cox, Senior Lecturer Computing and Business, Isle of Wight College


“The trainer made the course very interesting and it was extremely informative.”

Rachel Donovan, Solicitor, John Pickering and Partners LLP


"A very well delivered course that I will be recommending that we use again with the company.”

Ted Ridge, Housing Manager, YMCA


Cognizant – Cross-cultural Awareness Training - 27th November 2009

“The trainer did as he preached, demonstrating tone, body language and awareness that entice you to think of your prejudices to be managed.”

Zuhamy Colton, Marketing Manager

“Recommend this course to everyone who has to work with colleagues who are across borders. The trainer is a fountain of knowledge and due to his voluntary work he had lots of cases to quote and bring the course alive.”
Dinesh Saggar, Marketing Manager
“Well structured with good working examples…”
M. Kirke, Project Manager
“I found the session to be very informative and enjoyable, I feel that I learnt new things and got what I wanted from the course. The tutor was both informative and jovial – enjoyed the course, found it to be excellent.”

Community Arts North West – Equality & Diversity Training - 16th November 2009

“Very interesting style, more “mannered” than used to but highly effective learning through a story-telling approach. I felt engaged for the entire day, didn’t zone out on what could potentially be a dry subject. Very knowledgeable presenter/trainer. Interesting/relevant content. Great to get “up-to-date” and “near future” news.”
Tina Redford, Director, Music Leader North West
“Very good, kept using real life examples and listened to the audience and used their examples too.”
Chris Lane
“Wider angles of the subject were covered sufficiently which was very useful as a first-time attendee of an equality and diversity course.”
Mairi Nadeod, Harp & Vocal Tutor

Environment Agency (Anglian Region) - Dignity at Work Training - 14th October 2009

"Extremely well facilitated. Good balance of doing and talk & chalk. Handled in a non-threatening and user-friendly way."
Graham Hillier
"Very informative, friendly and open session."
"Excellent course, well facilitated and innovative."

Equality & Diversity Awareness - Open Course, London - 6th October, 2009

"Excellent course. Very well delivered."
Nick Chase, Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE)
"Thoroughly enjoyable and informative. Extremely helpful for my job and organisation."
Ben Rimmer, Museum of Science and Industry
"I'd recommend this course to my managers and colleagues. Tutor is very knowledgeable, intelligent, experienced, etc."
May Yeap, Home Office (Skills Delivery Unit)

NOMAD Homeless Advice and Support Unit – Equality & Diversity Training - 26th March 2009 & 12th May 2009

“I like William’s style of training. Very engaging and informative. It’s a positive way to discuss what can sometimes be a very dry training matter.”
Hilda Francis, Director
“I thought the training was thought provoking and interesting, particularly the case studies.”
Sharon Kay, Ass. Director Corporate Resources
“Enjoyed the training style – very different from what I had been used to – very good interaction with everyone.”
Linda Sewell, Deputy Project Manager, Finance.
“Really enjoyed the real life case studies – found them fascinating. Found the trainer and his training style very accessible, easy to interact with, interesting and funny (when appropriate).”
Charlotte Hope, HR Officer
“Interesting and engaging session on a topic I’ve previously found rather dry and boring. Information presented in a lively manner in absorbable chunks. Good balance of serious/light hearted approach.”
Jim Clarke, Project Worker
“The trainer was very good at opening debate and was very knowledgeable in his field. The scenarios given were communicated very effectively and I felt I learnt a lot more because of this.”
Denise Bowen, Project Worker
“William’s style/approach was excellent. Made the session enjoyable and entertaining. I enjoyed the day.”
Amy Emmerson, Project Worker
“The course was very good and encouraged healthy discussion and debate, whilst gaining further knowledge.”
Claire Allsop, Project Worker

Slough Borough Council – Cultural Awareness Training - 20th April 2009

“I booked the training to ensure staff are all aware of their responsibilities in relation to cultural awareness. The training was effective in getting this message across.”
Anne Evans, Senior Co-ordinator
 “The course was well presented and very interesting. In the relatively short time frame it was impossible to list and explore all aspects of this subject. However, it did teach me to think in a different way and resources were provided to all of us to explore the subject in more depth at a later stage if we wished.”
Marl Connolly, Development Worker – Finance
“William was a great tutor as we talked about real life situations which makes things clear.”
Rajwinder Braich, Admin. & Finance Officer
“Impressed by the trainer’s knowledge in general but also how succinct he was with his examples of case studies. Very good at keeping us all engaged in the subject. Very different and interesting from other diversity training I have been on, brilliant that there was no slides to look at, only the trainer!”
Haseen Mughal, Development Outreach Worker
“I found the training to be entertaining, educational and necessary in life outside work.”
Nina Demetriou, General Support Assistant
“I am aware of the impact even the smallest gesture or event could have. Before I came here I was not sure what was meant by cultural awareness. Now I have a much better understanding of this.
A Javaid, Admin. Officer


Preventing Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace - Open Course, London - 11th February, 2009

“Very interesting and helpful. I learnt a lot about this subject and I will have a lot to think about and take back to my work colleagues.”

Caroline Tyler, Team Leader, Brighton and Hove Integrated Care Service


Embracing Cultural Awareness in the Workplace - Open Course, Manchester - 27th November, 2008

“The course has made me think about the impact my behaviour may have on others and to question my assumptions about the behaviour of other people.”
Mark Georgiou, Licensing Enforcement Officer, Stoke-on-Trent City Council
“Very interesting course.”
Sharon Rowley, Licensing Enforcement Officer, Stoke-on-Trent City Council

JP Morgan Chase - Cultural Awareness Conference – 1st October 2008

“I'd like to, on behalf of our Fusion Diversity Events team, and in particular myself, thank you both very much for your great work in delivering a successful culture workshop to our audience. With moderate number of attendees, William provided all of us with a joyful experience, and added to the overall success of our Diversity event of the day.”

Ying Che, EMEA Client Service